The Author

Whitby, Ontario

Kimberley Pacholko

Kimberley is an Ornamental Garden Care and Design Specialist for her own signature company, White Swan Properties, since 2005. She is an avid horticulturalist who has spent countless hours in personal study and taking on-line horticultural courses from the university of Guelph as well as arboriculture courses from the International Society of Arboriculture. In addition she works part time for the University of Guelph’s online Horticultural department as a peer support.

Studying and researching Horticulture has always been an essential component of her work. Every garden season there are new challenges to face, new diseases to over come, new insects to monitor and control, new soil challenges, new pruning techniques to brush up on and so much more. In this blog she shares with you some of her research and experience.

Her goal in writing this blog is to provide horticultural information that is more relevant for ornamental home gardeners.

While she does welcome content suggestions and questions, please be advised that she can be a bit slow to respond during gardening season due to the long hours she work. She will do her best to respond in a timely manor.

She hopes you find her posts both informative and relevant. Happy Gardening!