When To Prune Trees, Shrubs, Roses and Vines

Late winter till early spring (Feb. to the beginning of Apr.) is the best time to prune many of your trees and shrubs. With pruning season nearly upon us here is a pruning schedule for many of the commonly grown trees and shrubs. Deciduous Trees: Prune out all dead, diseased and damage branches from late winter until early spring. Also prune out any crossing branches … Continue reading When To Prune Trees, Shrubs, Roses and Vines

Pruning Techniques And Terminology

Shearing:  Is the removal of all the growing tips off of a shrub or tree using a hand or electric shear. It is generally used to create a denser plant with a more formal look, such as hedges, screens, topiaries and borders. Boxwoods, yews, cedars, privets and some junipers respond well to this type of pruning. Many shrubs however, do not prosper from this type of pruning. … Continue reading Pruning Techniques And Terminology