Striped Cucumber Beetles Damage and Control

Does it look as though something has been chewing on the leaves of your cucumber, squash, melon or pumpkins? Are you finding girdled stems and scaring on the fruits? Perhaps you have even noticed that the plants appear smaller this season. If this sounds like your garden then chances are the Striped Cucumber Beetle has come to dine in your garden.  Striped cucumber beetles (Acalymma … Continue reading Striped Cucumber Beetles Damage and Control

Haskap Berries

An Exciting New Crop for North America ‘Haskap’ berries (Lonicera caerulea) also known as ‘Blue Honeysuckle’, and ‘Honeyberries’ are a fast growing, cold hardy, high yielding and early harvesting berry touted to be high in vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants in addition to being high in fibre (Haskap Canada Association, n.d). Their taste (while variable depending on the cultivar) is described as being a cross … Continue reading Haskap Berries

Flea Beetle Damage to Tomato Plants

If the leaves of your tomato plants appear as though they have been used as target practice at a rifle range, then chances are you have flea beetles. They are a common pest of tomato seedlings. Other plants that can be damaged include peppers, melons, potatoes, corn, spinach, eggplants, radishes and members of the brassica family (like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts). Flea beetles can be hard … Continue reading Flea Beetle Damage to Tomato Plants

Black Knot Disease of Plum and Cherry Trees

Black Knot Disease otherwise known as Dibotryon morbosum, is a serious, yet fairly common fungal disease of plums and cherry trees (including choke cherries). Other members of the Prunus family (like peaches, nectarines, apricots and almonds) can also be affected but it is less common. The affected trees develop hard, black elongated swellings, called knots, thus the name black knot. These knots are scattered throughout … Continue reading Black Knot Disease of Plum and Cherry Trees

Growing Tomato Plants From Seed

Growing tomato plants from seed is relatively easy and growers both big and small have been doing so for centuries. However, to produce top quality seedlings a well-orchestrated plan for germination and cultural practices based on the latest research, is most advantageous. The following plan/guide lays out step by step how to produce top notch tomato seedlings. Materials needed: Potting media: Use a commercially prepared peat-lite … Continue reading Growing Tomato Plants From Seed